Malay Lexicon Project 2 (MLP2)

Published: 14 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9sw6vyfw29.1
Mirrah Maziyah Mohamed,


The goal of the present study was to extend research on morphological processing beyond European languages. Here we focused on Malay, an Austronesian language that is morphologically rich. Our primary aim was to facilitate research on morphological processing in Malay by augmenting the Malay Lexicon Project (MLP; Yap et al., 2010), a database containing lexical information for almost 10,000 words, by including a breakdown of the words into morphemes as well as morphological properties for those morphemes. MLP2 is useful for a wide range of psycholinguistic studies on morphological processing in Malay. We chose to call it MLP2 to convey that this database is a work in progress, and it is hoped that more word characteristics will be added in the years to come to facilitate an even greater range of studies on Malay word recognition. Such research is needed if we are to develop a truly universal theory of reading. Malay Lexicon Project 2: Morphology in Malay word recognition (in press, accepted May 19 2022). In this article, we illustrate one way the data available in MLP2 could be used to examine Malay morphology. Below you may download and use our database with English headers (MLP2_Eng.csv) or Malay headers (MLP2_Malay.csv) that is accompanied by a readme file (readme_MLP2.txt). Our trial level data is available in LDT_data.csv.


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Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Morphological Analysis, Malay Language, Visual Word Recognition, Lexical Decision