Dataset of microscope images of prefrontal cortex from wistar rat tissue after an induced stroke

Published: 9 October 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9t4246w5sw.2
, John Umbarila-Prieto


Microscopic images were captured with the Leica ICC50HD camera mounted on the Leica DM500 microscope, performed with fixed parameters in magnification 20x, and 56% horizontal and 40% vertical overlap. The rows and high-resolution images was generated using the captured images and an stitched algorithm using the homography matrices. The homography matrices were obtained from a small number of correspondences manually selected between each pair of images horizontal displacements and between pair of rows in vertical displacement. Raw microscope images PNG format format. High-resolution image PNG format , pixel size 0.3 µm, area 92.48 mm2. Homography matrices HDF5 files Dataset organization Folder -> Filename -> Description \rawImages\ -> image_Row_RR_XX.png -> Images of tissue numbered as XX (varies each row: 01 up to 45) of images rows numbered as RR (01-36) \stitched\tissue\ -> brainTissueImage.png -> High-resolution obtained. \stitched\rows -> image_Row_XX.png -> Images for each row numbered as RR (01-36). \homographies\ -> homography_images_Row_RR.h5 \homographies\ -> homography_Rows.h5 -> Homography matrices between each pair of images per row numbered as RR (01-36).



Universidad del Valle


Computer Vision, Image Registration, Pattern Recognition, Image Matching, Image Stitching