Data for: Dynamic limited axial compression yields favorable functional outcomes in the fixation of Pauwels type-3 femoral neck fractures: A retrospective cohort study

Published: 22 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9tjjbgzcr3.1
Longpo Zheng


In the current study, we retrospectively analyzed 51 cases of Pauwels type-3 femoral neck fractures treated either by parallel screws augmented with medial buttress plate (CMBP) (without fixing the femoral head) or lateral compression plate (LCP). The results indicated that the two fixation constructs yielded favorable functional outcomes (good-to-excellent Harris hip score: 95.2%(22/23) and 89.3%(25/28)) though 32.1% of cases in the LCP group developed femoral neck shortening. Thus, we emphasized the notion “dynamic limited axial compression”, which was effective to improve the functional outcome of patients with Pauwels type-3 femoral neck fractures and offered clues for designing novel fixation constructs.



Orthopedics Surgery