Knowledge and Awareness of Footwear to prevent Foot Injuries among Female University Students

Published: 28 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9tsyrpy622.1
Pavneet kaur Jot,


Foot Injuries represent a prevalent concern among university students, with females facing heightened vulnerability due to factors such as biochemical differences, footwear preferences, and lifestyle choices. Emphasizing the importance of suitable footwear and promoting awareness regarding foot health and injury prevention becomes imperative, particularly considering the extended durations students spend traversing and remaining stationary on campus. A cross-sectional survey study was undertaken among female university students to assess their knowledge and awareness regarding footwear and foot injury prevention through self-administered questionnaire. A survey was conducted to validate the questionnaire before getting it filled in by the participants. A survey was undertaken involving 309 voluntary participants, encompassing female individuals and university age groups, who willingly completed the questionnaire. Among the 309 individuals surveyed, 62.5% indicated awareness regarding the influence of footwear on foot health. The presence of foot pain and discomfort demonstrated a notable correlation with unsuitable footwear. Notably, participants also reported feeling discomfort in other parts of their bodies due to inadequate footwear selections. Foot injuries are common among female university students due to the frequent preference for fashionable footwear, which can have substantial consequences. Providing education on appropriate footwear selection and evaluation during purchases can effectively reduce the incidence of various foot injuries.



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Injury Prevention, Self Awareness, Foot Deformity