Data for: Multi-dry-electrode plate sensor for noninvasive electrocardiogram and heart rate monitoring for the assessment of drug responses in freely behaving mice

Published: 21 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9ty3sjc45h.1
Shinichi Sato


The “Fig 2 support” is the same data as Figure 2 but processed by the 5-100Hz filter that shows a large baseline wander. The “isopro 5min” and the “saline 5min” are the example data (15-channel ECG with 1-channel PZT-sensor reading) for 5 min each recorded by the MDEP-sensor system. Data were recorded immediately after the injection of isoproterenol or saline. The data were processed by the 30-100Hz bandpass filter. The data can be observed by Clampfit (Molecular Devices) or by LabChart Reader (AD instruments); both are free downloadable. Apple computer can open the .adidat files by LabChart Reader. The “mouse tail” is the photograph of a mouse’s tail.



Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering, Cardiac Electrophysiology