Zinc isotope fractionation during coprecipitation with amorphous iron (hydr)oxides

Published: 20 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9v399vh9bv.1
Yuhui Liu


The dataset shows the result of Zn isotope fractionation and spectroscopy of a Zn2+ - Fe3+ coprecipitation experiment at ambient temperature. Chemical and Zn isotope results of Zn-Fe coprecipitation are shown in Table 1. Shell by shell fitting results of the EXAFS spectrum of samples are shown in Table 2. Summary of Mössbauer parameters estimated for samples is shown in Table S1. DFT-calculated structure parameters of Zn substituted ferrihydrite are shown in Table S2. Chemical and Zn isotope result of Zn adsorption on ferrihydrite are shown in Table S3



Institute of Geochemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences


Isotope Geochemistry, Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure