Data for: Effects of conventional oil wells on grassland songbird abundance are caused by presence of infrastructure, not noise

Published: 30 December 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9v3bpc5m4x.1
Heather Nenninger, Nicola Koper


This excel file contains two sheets of data- one for each scale at which we modeled bird abundance. The "type" column refers to whether there was no oil present ("control"), and if there was oil well preset, what the characteristics of that well were. The first two letters in the "type" column (SP or PJ) identify the well as a screw pump or pumpjack. The third letter (a or i) identify the well as active or inactive when the we conducted the survey, and the last letter (e or p) refer to if the well was powered by the electric grid or a propoane-generator. The "bin" column on the hectare-scale sheet gives the unique name of each hectare within the 800x100m transects.



Ornithology, Conservation Biology