Data for: Land Use Change Alters the Radiocarbon Age and Composition of Soil and Water-Soluble Organic Matter in the Brazilian Cerrado

Published: 22 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9v53cbx5t8.1
Jason James, Rodolpho Bernardi, Iraê Guerrini, David Butman, Fernanda Santos, Tyler Myers, Cole Gross, Marianne Faria, Pranjal Dwivedi, Robert Harrison


The complete raw dataset of a study examining contrasting land uses (Eucalyptus plantations and native Cerrado forest) in Sao Paulo State, Brazil. The dataset includes information on the liquid and solid phases of soil organic matter, including C and N concentration, 1H NMR characteristics (for liquid phase), radiocarbon signatures (both solid and liquid phases), and microbial biomass. Additional data including raw NMR (for liquid phase) and FTIR (for solid phase) spectra are available upon request of the corresponding author. Fluorescence spectroscopy was used to characterize the water extractable samples (not reported in this manuscript), and excitation-emission matrices (EEMs) data for these samples is also available upon request.



Organic Chemistry, Forestry in Global Change, Dissolved Organic Matter, Radiocarbon Dating, Soil Carbon, Forest Soil