Comparison of Aerosol Optical Depth from MODIS Product Collection 6.1 and AERONET in the Western United States

Published: 12-05-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9v6pwjzxg6.1
Iyasu Eibedingil


The files attached here include the datasets and codes used for assessing the number of MODIS AOD retrievals, and the relationship between MODIS AOD and AERONET AOD across the western United States. The raw MODIS Level 2 AOD data products (Collection 6.1) are NASA's data and can be acquired through the link []. The ground-based aerosol products are AERONET program's data and can be obtained through the link []. The explanation for the datasets and codes is given below: 1. AERONET_Data_Excel_File_Format: the aerosol data properties (AOD and Angstrom exponent) for 23 AERONET sites from the western United States. 2. AERONET_Data_Mat_File_Format: the processed AOD at 550 nm in Mat file format for 23 sites. 3. MODIS_Aqua_and_Terra_Data_List: this dataset includes the list of MODIS Aerosol Level 2 data from Aqua and Terra satellites used in this study. 4. Code_for_Interpolating_MODIS_AOD_into_Regular_Grids: this is a code used to interpolate the MODIS DB AOD recordings for each day into regular grids. 5. Code_for_Counting_the_Number_of_AOD_Retrieval: this is a code used to count the number of MODIS DB AOD retrievals. 6. Code_for_Generating_Figures_for_Number_of_Seasonal_and_Monthly_AOD_Retrieval: the code used to map the seasonal and monthly number of AOD retrievals. 7. Code_for_Extracting_Time_Series_of_AOD: this package includes the codes for extracting the time series of AOD from the Deep Blue and Dark Target algorithms. 8. Code_for_Generating_Correlation_Figures: this package includes the codes used to plot the correlation between MODIS (Aqua and Terra) AOD and AERONET AOD for the 23 sites. 9. Code_for_Spatial_Distribution_of_Correlation_beween_MODIS_and_AERONET: this is code used to map the spatial variability of correlation between MODIS and AERONET AOD for the 23 sites. 10. Code_for_Processing_Excel_File: this code is used to process the aerosol data properties from AERONET sites.