Building and Developing Core Teaching Skills via Reflective Micro-Teaching

Published: 16 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9w2r9ct4f2.1
Abdel Salam El-Koumy


Teaching is a complex profession; and therefore, micro-teaching is needed to scale down its complexity to train pre-service teachers for future real teaching. However, micro-teaching experiences without reflection are insufficient for building or developing professional teaching skills. Therefore, this book aims at building and developing essential teaching skills through reflective micro-teaching in which teacher trainees, individually and collectively, reflect on their own micro-teaching practices with the assistance of reflection forms in controlled teaching environments. The book consists of three chapters. The first chapter covers the conceptual and theoretical framework of reflective micro-teaching. The second chapter deals with video-mediated microteaching as a stimulus for reflection. The third chapter includes the conceptual and theoretical framework of the core teaching skills and provides reflection forms that help teacher trainees to reflect on their own and one another's micro-teaching practices, for building and developing these core skills.



Suez University


Preservice Teacher Education, Reflective Practice, Experiential Learning