Sea Forecast and Waves Classification for Florianópolis beaches

Published: 06-11-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9w3cznz3nv.1
Giovani Marin,
Anita Fernandes,
Wemerson Parreira


Sea forecast is represented by files day_forecast.csv, hour_forecast.csv and tide.csv. Contains sea metrics like swell direction and height, wind speed and direction, period, and others. Beach.csv and spot.csv represents a local register. Sea_condition_fact.csv contain some classifications of spot, ready for a supervisioned learning algorithms. And facts files contains a result of a naive bayes algorithm, with the probabilities for each characteristics, texture os sea, wave size (or wave height) and wave shape.


Steps to reproduce

Model.png show how to related the entities.