Data for: The interplay between climate and tectonics during the upward and outward growth of the Qilian Shan orogenic wedge, northern Tibetan Plateau

Published: 7 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9wb3sy3yrb.1
Feng Cheng,
Daowei Zhang,
Xiangzhong Li,
Marc Jolivet,
Zhaojie Guo,
Qiquan Zhang,
Bo Zhang,
Gautam Mitra,
Carmala Garzione,
Hanzhi Zhang,
Changhao Zhang,
Huayu Lu


• Methods • The statistical U–Pb geochronology data for each of the samples • Figure A1. Images of typical facies represented in drill core samples. • Figure A2 Representative CL images of zircons from the 14 sandstone samples. The yellow circles show the location of the U–Pb analysis. Numbers are U–Pb ages in Ma. • Figure A3 U–Pb concordia diagrams for zircon grains of the 14 sandstone samples • Figure A4 Lithostratigraphy and well log data from Well S3 in the Suganhu basin.



Sedimentary Environment, Analytical Method, Geochronology