Published: 19 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9wjpfdsf5b.1
Scott Houghton


The following data sets contains the raw data and tidied data from an online study which asked participants to rate social media betting adverts on; their likelihood to be on the advertised bet, their confidence in the advertised bet and how much they would be willing to stake on it. Advertised bets differed in terms of bet complexity (low, medium, high) and the type of account which they were advertised upon. After removing participants who had completed less than 50% of the survey or had not answered more than one advert within each category (e.g affiliate low complexity), findings demonstrated a main effect of bet complexity on each DV and a significant interaction between type and complexity upon bet likelihood and confidence. This showed that participants were more confident and likely to bet on medium complexity bets presented on affiliate accounts compared to operator accounts, but not for high or low complexity bets.



Northumbria University


Marketing, Gambling, Gambling Industry