electroMicroTransport v2107: Open-source toolbox for paper-based electromigrative separations

Published: 6 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9wpvypzj9y.2


Paper-based electromigrative separations have recently gained relevance due to the rise of paper-based microfluidic devices and their combination with electrophoretic methods, used for many different analytical applications [1]. A new version of the open source toolbox electroMicroTransport for the numerical solution of electromigrative separations is presented, now featuring support for porous substrates, like paper, nitrocellulose and other materials used in paper-based microfluidics. This new version is based on a novel mathematical model for these phenomena recently published by our group. Similar to its previous versions, the toolbox was implemented using OpenFOAM®, meaning that it features native 3D problem handling, support for parallel computation, and a GNU GPL license. This new version of electroMicroTransport includes full support for electroosmotic flow and the novels mechanical and electrical dispersion effects. It is now integrated with a well-recognized electrolyte database with its own management utility, and also includes a renewed algorithm for computing and controlling the electric current drainage in arbitrary surfaces. Moreover, for the first time electroMicroTransport is available for installation as a Docker image, which means that it is able to correctly run on any operating system. Finally, new tutorial examples and a user manual are provided. This new version of electroMicroTransport will enable efficient and reliable numerical prototypes of paper-based electromigrative separations to boost the continuous growth of paper-based microfluidics.



High Performance Computing, Computational Physics