Tear Film Stability and Tear Secretion in Normal Children and Infants

Published: 2 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9wt33wjc9p.1
Ngozi Charity Chidi-Egboka,


Children are increasingly exposed to ocular and environmental factors that could impact tear film function. The normal tear film function in children has not been systematically described as in adults. Reduced tear stability and tear secretion has been reported globally by studies in adult as the commonest factor in dry eye disease. The main focus of this data set is to systematically describe normal tear film function parameters in children. This data set shows the tear film stability and tear secretion using different methods from different studies which are chronologically presented on Excel 2016 worksheet. The study participants' population type, total sample size (as well as sample size by gender) and the age range (including mean and standard deviation) of the study participants were retrieved from individual articles. The study design, type of population and method of tear stability and tear secretion measurements were represented on the excel worksheet by numbers and the description of the numbers explained below the data set. The data was statistically analysed using the Stata/SE 14.2, StataCorp, 2015 and the results presented in forest plots and tables as reported in the manuscript.



University of New South Wales


Tear Film