Active Learning Motivation of Primary School Pupils in Malaysia

Published: 7 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9wtzmtbfm6.1
Min Hui Leow


Active learning is an essence to create and enhance learning in 21st century education. Meanwhile, successful implementation of active learning relies heavily on learners’ motivation. This study was designed to explore the active learning experience of Malaysia primary school pupils regarding their learning motivation, with a focus on understanding the current situation of active learning implementation in Malaysia primary school education system and pupils’ overall active learning performance. Motivational factors of pupils’ active learning are found within the context. This is the raw data generated from semi-structured interview. The target population were Year 3 (9 years old) Malaysia primary school pupils. 14 pupils with significant active learning experience were purposefully recruited. The pupils were selected from a same school because the primary school undergoes NGO and government education transformation programmes. The Year 3 pupils in that school are the targets of active learning training program (MCII/MYReaders Remedial Reading Programme), which represent a community that might provide rich information to this work. All interviews were undertaken within May 2020 to July 2020. The interviews were audio-visual recorded and transcribed verbatim. The project has obtained formal approval from the Educational Planning and Research Division (EPDR), Ministry of Education in Malaysia (MOE), and the State Education Department. It is registered under Educational Research Application System (eRAS 2.0) with approval from Head of Curriculum and Instructional Technology Department, University of Malaya. Consent for audio recording, transcription, and data reporting was undertaken. Since the participants recruited are below 18 years old, the signature of parent(s) or legal guardian is required. The data has been thematic analysed. However, the data is opened for other form of analysis, especially in the field of active learning and child development and learning. Curriculum developers, instructional designers, and practitioners will benefit from the data as well.



University of Malaya - City Campus


Active Learning, Curriculum Development, Elementary School, Instructional Design, Student Development