Data, software and scripts related to the Process PLS methodology manuscript

Published: 9 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9x9h7fr4kn.1
Geert van Kollenburg,
Tim Offermans,
Roel Bouman,
Jeroen Jansen,
Geert Postma


Shareable content related to the paper "van Kollenburg et al. Process PLS: Incorporating substantive knowledge into the predictive modelling of multiblock, multistep, multidimensional and multicollinear process data" Preprint at: - R package pathmodelr (See README.txt for installation guide) (GPLv3) - Simulated data of a crude oil distillation process (with scripts to reproduce the results) (CC-BY) - R code for the Val de Loire wine tasting analysis (CC-BY)