Survey of Pre-service Teachers at Government Teachers Colleges

Published: 21 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9xn2zgsxdj.1
Josephat Paul


This survey questionnaire serves a purpose of describing the Teacher Education Support Project (TESP) supported by the Global Affairs Canada to the Government of Tanzania. The project is implemented in all the public teacher colleges in the Tanzania Mainland. Primarily, this survey played a critical role in the collection of data to document the progress of the TESP among the TCs. Specifically, this survey enabled collection of perceptions of pre-service teachers among the TCs based on four key issues: satisfaction of pre-service teachers with the project support on ICT and other digital learning areas, delivered services on library and laboratory facilities, improved instructional approaches as well as the general teacher education improvement in all the public TCs in the Tanzania Mainland. Outcomes of this survey tool indicate a remarkable progress as an outcome of the project intervention. Consequently, it helps to inform teacher education stakeholders on the subsequent planning regarding effective improvement of teacher education in Tanzania and beyond.



University of Dodoma College of Education


Teacher Education