Angles of natural slope of Scots pine seeds collected from natural stands of the Lisinsky educational and experimental forestry (Leningrad region, Russia)

Published: 28 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9ygwcbkgrw.1
, Arthur Novikov,


In this study, the seeds of Pinus sylvestris L. species (hereinafter referred to as seeds) were used. Seeds were obtained using standard technology from cones collected in 2017 in the natural stand of Lisinsky educational-and-experimental forestry farm (Leningrad region, Russia). The seeds were extracted from the cones, dewinged, dried to a moisture content of 8 %, and prepared on a gravity separator. At the second stage of the preliminary experiment, it was necessary to character-ize the seeds flowability and establish the possibility of seeds-wall forming. 30 trials with 10, 20, 30 mm cylinders were performed. The character of seed flow in the abso-lute majority of experiments is hydraulic, without pause and seeds-wall forming. For a 10 mm diameter cylinder, a single case of seeds-arch forming, which collapsed from an external impact on the cylinder wall, was recorded (the Pilot tab in the file SlopeAngle_ScotsPine.xlsx). Determination of the seeds static angle of repose was carried out according to the methods using a hollow cylinder, ruler and goniometer. The results of the experiments were summarized in the Angle tab in the file SlopeAngle_ScotsPine.xlsx. The preliminary dimensions for the hopper outlet are shown in HOS tab in the file SlopeAngle_ScotsPine.xlsx.



Forestry, Seed Development, Forest Restoration, Seed