Data for: Physico-chemical characterisation of Ti-Nb-Sn alloys surfaces and their osteogenic properties

Published: 21-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9z3r3gwfj7.1
Carmen Torres-Sanchez,
Mattia Norrito,
Jing Wang,
Hugo Bell,
Paul Conway


The cytotoxicity and bioactivity of binary Ti-40Nb and Ti-10Sn and ternary Ti-10Nb-5Sn alloys, candidates for bioengineering applications, have been studied in view of establishing their osteogenic potential compared to that of c.p. Ti. Cellular population growth was used to assess proliferative (using PrestoBlue) and differentiative phenotypes (via protein and Alkaline phosphatase markers), coupled with gene expression (i.e. Runx2 and OCN) to confirm maturation. Their physical (i.e. wettability reported as contact angle, electrical state near the surface, i.e. surface Z potential) and chemical properties (i.e. oxide layer thickness and composition, (esp. TiO2 % content)) were analysed independently from topology and roughness (data provided).