Data for: An experimental comparison of direct and indirect intergroup contact

Published: 24 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/9z652k7xnb.1
Maria Ioannou, Ananthi Al Ramiah, Miles Hewstone


Study 1 and Study 2a are two experiments comparing the effects of direct and vicarious contact on: (i) outgroup attitudes and anxiety for future contact both immediately after contact (posttest) as well as a week later (delayed posttest), and (ii) their elicited interaction-induced anxiety and group salience. Hence the two datasets, consist of a number of intergroup relations-related measures as well as interaction-related measures in an attempt to register what (pre-post) changes the two types of contact effected. In Study 2a we also included a delayed posttest, so measures of that are found in the corresponding dataset. The third set of data (Study 2b) consists of intergroup-related measures across three points in time but the participants responding to these measures are not subjected to any type of intervention in between measures.



Intergroup Relations