HTR-1.2 solver: Hypersonic Task-based Research solver version 1.2

Published: 27 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/9zsxjtzfr7.2
Mario Di Renzo,
Sergio Pirozzoli


We present an updated version of the open-source Hypersonics Task-based Research (HTR) solver for hypersonic aerothermodynamics. The solver, whose first version was presented in Di Renzo et al. (2020), is designed for direct numerical simulation (DNS) of canonical hypersonic flows at high Reynolds numbers in which thermo-chemical effects induced by high temperatures are relevant. The solver relies on high-order spatial discretization on structured meshes and efficient time integrators for stiff systems within the Regent/Legion software stack, which makes the code highly portable and scalable in CPU and GPU-based supercomputers. The new version herein presented includes several optimizations and new tools for data analysis, along with novel user option for hybrid skew-symmetric/targeted essentially non-oscillatory numerics, to offer higher computational efficiency and lower numerical dissipation at moderate Mach numbers, inclusion of a new combustion mechanism for methane and oxygen, and new recycling–rescaling inlet boundary conditions targeted to the simulation of fully developed turbulent boundary layers.



Computational Physics, Aerothermodynamics, Hypersonic Aerodynamics