Data for: Increased lateral transfer of soil organic carbon induced by climate and vegetation changes over the southeast coastal region of China

Published: 23 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/b2445f5dmy.2
Yuyan Liu, Xiaoyuan Wang, Yawen Wang, Chuan Tong,


Based on statistics from two detailed national surveys of soil erosion, an integrated analysis method capable of capturing large-scale erosion patterns was applied to research the lateral SOC movement induced by water erosion in the southeast coastal region of China. The lateral SOC erosion and deposition caused by water erosion were quantified, and the spatiotemporal variation characteristics of lateral SOC movement were extracted. By comparing the SOC erosion rate, precipitation and NDVI changes in 58 counties covered by the eight river basins in 1995–1996 and 2010–2012, and based on the correlation analysis between SOC erosion rate and precipitation, we analyzed how climate and vegetation changes affect lateral SOC transfer.



Fujian Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University - Zhuhai Campus