Smart Contract Languages: A Multivocal Mapping Study

Published: 3 January 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/b34b55nb3w.2
Antonia M. Reina Quintero,


These are the data sources for our mapping study. They are distributed in diferent folders * results: contains the StArt database, the report generated by the StArt tool, and a statistics file with cleaned data and the different graphics generated. * searches: Contains the BibTex and/or RIS files with the results of the searches executed in the different digital libraries. It also contains the files corresponding to the backwards snowballing process. * selected-studies: Contains the BibTeX files corresponding to the selected primary studies we have used as sources for our multivocal mapping study. It should be stated that as we have reviewed, both white and grey literature, we include two bib files: selectedPrimaryStudies.bib, corresponding to the academic, formal selected studies, and selectedGreyLiterature.bib, which includes the grey literature primary studies.



Universidad de Sevilla


Literature Review