Data for: Hot spring hydrochemistry of the Rio Grande rift in northern New Mexico reveals a distal geochemical connection between Valles Caldera and Ojo Caliente

Published: 4 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b3ch587w25.1
Valerie Blomgren, Karl Karlstrom, Laura Crossey, Thomas Darrah, Tobias P. Fischer


Table 1: Spring abbreviations, locations and parameters Table 2: Trace element concentrations (mg/L) and stable isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen Table 3: Major Ion Concentrations (mg/L) Table 4: Carbon Isotope and DIC Table 5: Radiogenic Strontium Ratios and Concentrations Table 6: Dissolved gases of springs in the study and free gas of the Valles Caldera in volume % Table 7A: Dissolved helium and CO2 in water Table 7B: Dry gas – helium and CO2 data Table 8: Saturation indexes Table 9: Geothermometer Results Supplementary Tables including Major Ion Concentrations in mol/L and Additional Trace Elements (mg/L)