Android permissions dataset, Android Malware and benign Application Data set (consist of permissions and API calls)

Published: 4 March 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/b4mxg7ydb7.3
Arvind Mahindru


This dataset consists of apps needed permissions during installation and run-time. We collect apps from three different sources google play, third-party apps and malware dataset. This file contains more than 5,00,000 Android apps. features extracted at the time of installation and execution. One file contains the name of the features and others contain .apk file corresponding to it extracted permissions and API calls. Benign apps are collected from Google's play store, hiapk, app china, Android, mumayi , gfan slideme, and pandaapp. These .apk files collected from the last three years continuously and contain 81 distinct malware families.



DAV University


Mobile Communication, Computer Security and Privacy, Mobile Networks