Mapping the Research Landscape of Carbohydrates and Depression- A Scientometric Approach

Published: 29 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b4n6m5kx26.1
Gao Biao


ABSTRACT Objective: To conduct a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the literature on carbohydrates and depression using scientometric methods, in order to identify the general characteristics, focus, frontiers, and paradigm shifts, as well as to interpret the critical literature in this knowledge domain and illustrate the emerging trends. Methods: Using the Web of Science Core Collection database as the data source, a total of 15,663 relevant articles published from 2007 to 2024 were retrieved and obtained after initial data cleaning. CiteSpace software was employed to perform visual analysis on these articles, including the temporal and source distribution of publications, as well as keywords and citation analysis (frequency, centrality, and burst detection). Results: The number of publications has grown rapidly with the number of publications surging in 2008, 2013, 2018, 2020, and 2021. The United States and China are the main contributors to this field, with China exhibiting extremely high burst strength but lower centrality. Research topics have gradually shifted from drug therapy of depression to gut-brain axis and nutritional interventions. Citation and keyword analysis revealed research hotspots such as metabolic syndrome, inflammation, GSK3, and gut-brain axis, with gut microbiota being the research frontier. Cluster analysis unveiled the evolution of research foci, from initial lithium therapy to GSK3 inhibitors and ketamine, and currently to diet and probiotics. Conclusions: Research shows a trend of multidisciplinary integration. Gut microbiota, nutritional psychiatry, personalized drug therapy, and metabolic diseases will continue to be the focus of future research. KEYWORDS: Carbohydrates, Depression, Cluster Network Co-occurrence Analysis, Paradigm Shifts



Second Military Medical University


Psychology, Nutrition


National Natural Science Foundation of China


Military Key Discipline Construction Projects of China