Aveiro Joint Exercise Dataset

Published: 6 Feb 2019 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b5xxvbd4p2.1

Description of this data

The current datasets comprise of air quality data collected during an AQ monitoring campaign in Aveiro, Portugal, for two weeks in October 2014 (from October 13 until October 27) in order to present the results of an intercomparison of AQ microsensors with reference methods. The two-week experimental campaign was conducted in an urban traffic location in Aveiro city centre. A total of 15 teams originating from various research centres, universities and companies from 12 different countries participated in the campaign.
During the intercomparison campaign, the IDAD mobile laboratory was equipped with standard and reference analysers for continuous measurement of atmospheric pollutant concentrations and specific sensors for the measurement of meteorological parameters. Participating teams installed microsensors boxes on it for a co-location deployment experiment using different measuring principles.
The dataset is composed by:
Reference data (ground truth)

  • IDAD reference data (@1min rate) including CO, NO, NO2, NOx, O3, SO2, H2S concentrations (21183 data samples);
  • IDAD reference data (@15min rate) including NO, NO2, NOx, O3 concentrations (15 min averaged data) + CO2, Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, M&P-Xylene, o-Xylene concentrations (1412 data samples);
  • IDAD reference data (@1h rate) including all the above mentioned pollutants concentrations plus PM2.5, PM10 concentrations and T, RH, Prec., WV, WD, Press., Rad. data (353 data samples);
    Microsensors data
  • 1minute sampled concentrations data provided by University of Cambridge "CAM10" and "CAM11" boxes, ECN "ECN10" and "ECN38" boxes, UCL/CCMOSS, VITO/EveryAware SB boxes;
  • 1 minute sampled raw uncalibrated data from Siemens microsensor box.
  • 5 minute sampled concentrations data provided by AUTh-ISAG, NanoEnvi box;
  • 15 minute sampled data provided by ENEA, AQMesh, VITO/EveryAware SB boxes;
  • 1 hour data provided by ENEA, NanoEnvi, VITO/EveryAware SB boxes.

Experiment data files

  • Aveiro Joint Exercise Dataset

    Folder containing xslx formatted data at 15m,1h,1m,5m time resolution. Missing data fields for each record are left blank.

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Latest version

  • Version 1


    Published: 2019-02-06

    DOI: 10.17632/b5xxvbd4p2.1

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    Borrego, Carlos; Costa, Ana Margarida; Ginja, João; Amorim, Melissa ; Coutinho, Miguel; Karatzas, Kostas; Sioumis, Th; Katsifarakis, Nikos; Konstantinidis, Kostas; De Vito, Saverio; Esposito, Elena; Smith, Paul; André, Nicolas; Gérard, Pierre; Francis, Laurent; Castell, Nùria; Schneider, Philipp; Viana, Mar; Cruz Minguillón, María ; Reimringer, Wolfhard ; Otjes, René P.; Von Sicard, Oliver; Elen, Bart; Suriano, Domenico; Pfister, Valerio; Prato, Mario; Dipinto, Sebastiano; Penza, Michele (2019), “Aveiro Joint Exercise Dataset”, Mendeley Data, v1 http://dx.doi.org/10.17632/b5xxvbd4p2.1


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Air Quality, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Applications, Chemical Sensor, Smart City, Applications of Sensors, Microsensor


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