Hearken 2017 NPR News Coverage and related Traditional Content, generated set

Published: 16 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b7gcpcbdnh.1
Mark Poepsel


This data includes an analysis of news generated in 2017 in four NPR affiliates, those who published the most Hearken-originated content. For the sake of comparison, an equal number of "traditional" news articles was selected for each news outlet. This dataset contains links to news articles and analyses.


Steps to reproduce

This data set includes all Hearken content from four NPR affiliates who produced the most Hearken content in 2017 (identified in the data set). The "traditional" news samples required accessing each news station's online archives or locally produced news show pages, calculating the number of required articles divided by the number of available articles in each archive to arrive at an ordinal (e.g. select each 39th article to pull 61 total articles out of a sample of 2,379). Links are provided. City data analysis, which applies census data as it relates to the stories covered is included in a separate sheet.


Radio, Civic Engagement, Online Journalism