PGE2-EP2/4 signaling elicits immunosuppression by driving the mregDC-Treg axis in inflammatory tumor microenvironment

Published: 3 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b8kftkzvmd.1
Dean Thumkeo


Our research was EP2 and EP4 inhibition may suppress tumor growth in LLC1 syngeneic transplantation model through the modulation of inflammation and immune response. This dataset contains raw data of (1) the measurement of tumor size and calculation of tumor volume, (2) FACS experiments raw data files and quantification, (3) qPCR experiments raw data and quantification, (4) immunohistochemistry images and quantification data and (5) in vitro cell growth assay raw data that were used for making figures in our Cell Reports paper.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset includes raw data of tumor size measurement and tumor volume calculation, raw data and quantitative results of qPCR analysis, imaging analysis and in vitro cell growth assays. For details, please see the methods section in our Cell Reports paper


Kyoto Daigaku