Neural Correlates of Optimal Multisensory Decision Making under Time-Varying Reliabilities with an Invariant Linear Probabilistic Population Code. Hou et al

Published: 10-08-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b8ybw4shv3.1
Han Hou,
Qihao Zheng,
Yuchen Zhao,
Alexandre Pouget,
Yong Gu


Each .mat file stores each cell's raw data (e.g., spike trains and monkey's behavioral events) as well as pre-processed data (e.g., smoothed PSTHs for different conditions). All experimental figures can be reproduced by running the Matlab GUI in the GitHub repository: /Labtools/HH_Tools/GROUP_GUI.fig.


Steps to reproduce

Experimental figures (Figure 1-3): 1). Download all .mat file from Mendeley Data 2). Download Matlab code from /Labtools in the GitHub repo 3). Run GROUP_GUI.fig in Matlab and press the corresponding buttons to reproduce the figures. Modeling figures (Figure 4-7, S4-S6) 1). Download Matlab code from /Multisensory-PPC in the GitHub repo 2). Using /Multisensory-PPC/lip_HH.m to reproduce the network model for ilPPC (Figure 4-7, S5-S6) 3). Using /Multisensory-PPC/MST_info/InfoLossGroundTruthScan.m to reproduce Figure S4. Detailed instructions will be illustrated in the GitHub README session.