Running with added leg mass

Published: 4 September 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/b92bpvp4xd.2
, Rodger Kram


This repo contains the experimental data of a study on the effects of added mass on running biomechanics and energetics. The data includes: * Raw .C3D files of 14 participants who ran at 3 m/s with different mass conditions on their limbs. * Processed data of kinematic, kinetic, and metabolic variables derived from the .C3D files. * Metabolic measurements of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production for each trial. You can find more details about the data collection and analysis methods in the ReadMe file and the related papers. We hope that our data will be useful for researchers and practitioners interested in exoskeleton design, running performance, and injury prevention. If you use our data, please cite our related papers: Metabolic power response to added mass on the lower extremities during running: Joint kinematic and kinetic responses to added mass on the lower extremities during running:



Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


Physiology, Ergonomics, Biomechanics, Calorimetry, Gait Analysis, Motion Analysis, Motion Capture, Gait, Kinetics, Kinematics, Biomechanics of Gait, Biomechanics of Motion, Aerobic Metabolism, Exoskeleton