"Data for: Frugal Innovation and Sustainability in the Footwear Sector" published by RAC-Revista de Administração Contemporânea

Published: 20 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b9hd6rxbwn.1
ismael specht,


ABSTRACT: Objective: this article aims to analyze how footwear companies can innovate frugally in convergence with the principles of sustainability. Theoretical framework: this objective was achieved based on studies that observe the relationship between sustainability and frugal innovation, with an emphasis on bricolage strategies, from a perspective of applicability in the footwear industry, as it is a sector with high environmental impact. Method: the research uses design science research, and made use of a field diary, for greater depth of understanding of the footwear environment, as well as secondary analysis of documents on the internet and transcribed interviews with the seven experts. Results: the study managed to propose two action artifacts, one of them a frugal and sustainable sneaker artifact, which reuses production material to produce cheap, quality footwear, that would otherwise be discarded at a financial loss, and, as a second action artifact, it realized the need for collaborative and constant action between universities and companies in the search for frugal and sustainable solutions, which can benefit both companies, through profitable results, and the university, through longitudinal research and production of articles. Conclusions: the footwear industry yearns for low-cost (frugal) innovations that are at the same time sustainable, and demonstrates capacity and interest in meeting social and political demands for sustainable actions; in order to achieve this, greater proximity to the university presents itself as a collaboration that can produce benefits for both, with side effects of positive impact on environmental initiatives, society, and government policies. Keywords: bricolage; frugal sneakers; university and business collaboration; artifacts; footwear industry.



Universidade FEEVALE - Campus II


Sustainability, Innovation, Innovation for Sustainability, Shoes Industry