Experimental data of Ag-Cu nano system

Published: 9 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b9p6x2mvtp.1
Chengying Tang


The raw/processed data of Ag-Cu Nano system The figure shows the DSC curves of four Ag-Cu alloy NPs samples encapsulated in silica. Similar melting behaviors have been observed in these four samples. No obvious event can be detected until 882.9 K, 849.9 K, 837.9 K and 827.5 K for Ag8Cu2, Ag7Cu3, Ag6Cu4, and Ag5Cu5, respectively, where an endotherm can be detected. This event is attributed to the melting of these four Ag-Cu NPs, respectively. Another endothermic effect is observed at 1053.1 K, 1053.1 K, 1060.6 K and 1048.5 K for Ag8Cu2, Ag7Cu3, Ag6Cu4, and Ag5Cu5, respectively, which correspond to the well-established invariant reaction temperature of bulk Ag-Cu alloy—Ag-Cu, is a simple eutectic system with a eutectic temperature of 1052.5K.



Guilin University of Electronic Technology


Materials Science Engineering