Activities of Daily Living by 3-Axis Accelerometer

Published: 15-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b9py72hwxs.1
Angelica Poli,
Susanna Spinsante


This dataset contains accelerometer data collected by wearing Empatica E4 device. The onboard three-axis accelerometer was used to capture six motion-based activities (i.e. Washing Hands, Brushing Teeth, Brushing Hair, Dusting, Ironing and Washing Dishes) at 32 Hz for 5 minutes. A total of 36 signals were collected performing the activities without any instructions, in a real-world scenario, obtaining a realistic description of involved activities. The data files are organized in table format: -rows report the sample time; -columns show the GENDER, AGE, Acceleration X, Acceleration Y and Acceleration Z and ACTIVITY performed. Please read the README.txt for further details on all the features of Dataset. The main contribution of this dataset is the data collection getting out of the lab. This means that data includes the spontaneous conduction of daily behaviours in the living environment. This dataset can be suitable for several investigations, such as in computing science, measurement and instrumentations and healthcare context.