Data for: Mineralogy and Chemistry of Ti-Bearing Lunar Soils: Effects on Reflectance Spectra and Remote Sensing Observations

Published: 22 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b9r9wkffx9.1
Ecaterina Coman, Paul Carpenter, Bradley Jolliff


This sheet includes reflectance measurements of 13 lunar soils from 300 - 700 nm using a UV-VIS Ocean Optics Jaz spectrometer. The spectrometer has a 2,048 element CCD detector and 200 Hz frequency pulsed xenon light source. We used an integration time of 220 ms per spectrum, and spectra have a signal-to-noise ratio approximately 250:1. The fiber optics of the spectrometer were fixed at a 30 degree incidence angle and 0 degree emission angle. We used a Labsphere 99% reflectance standard. This sheet contains processed spectra. A 25-spectra averaging was applied at collection using the Ocean Optics OceanView software, with an additional 34-point moving average smoothing in MATLAB post-collection to remove residual noise.



Spectroscopy, Mineralogy, Remote Sensing, Planetary Sciences, Earth's Moon, Moon