Handwritten Numbers (HN)

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/b9v9x5pk96.1
Mauro José Pacchiotti


Handwritten numbers from one to three digits extracted from public documents. There are 10000 images of different sizes of numbers between 0 and 303 with a imbalanced distribution, there are even numbers without samples. This dataset was created to do proofs with classification models reuse. The images are named with numbers from 0 to 9999, the file labels.csv contain the labels. The number in the name of a image is the number of the row in labels.csv file that content its label. There might be some tagging errors caused by semi-automatic generation, this will be fixed in future releases.



Universidad Tecnologica Nacional Facultad Regional Santa Fe


Handwriting Recognition, Image Classification