Saudi Arabia Public Roads Visual Pollution Dataset

Published: 22 May 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/bb7b8vtwry.4
Areeba Azhar


Visual Pollution (VP) is the visible deterioration and bad aesthetic quality of the natural and human-made landscapes. It also refers to the disruptive occurrence that limits the movability of the people on the public roads such as excavation barriers, potholes, and dilapidated sidewalks. The real VP dataset is collected from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) regions via the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH) and used to develop the proposed deep learning framework. If you are using this dataset for research purpose kindly cite the following papers: 1. Article Paper: "AlElaiwi, Mohammad, Mugahed A. Al-antari, Hafiz Farooq Ahmad, Areeba Azhar, Badar Almarri, and Jamil Hussain. "VPP: Visual Pollution Prediction Framework Based on a Deep Active Learning Approach Using Public Road Images." Mathematics 11, no. 1 (2022): 186." 2. Data repository itself: AlElaiwi, Mohammad; Ahmad, Hafiz; Hussain, Jamil; Al-antari, Mugahed; Almarri, Badar; Azhar, Areeba (2023), “Saudi Arabia Public Roads Visual Pollution Dataset ”, Mendeley Data, V3, doi: 10.17632/bb7b8vtwry.3  



King Faisal University


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Pollution, Machine Learning, Active Learning, Image Classification, Deep Learning