Phycoerythrin Specific Mouse Antibodies

Published: 6 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bb7k3g6vbg.1
, Robert Maul,


Files are associated with research article "Naïve B cells with high-avidity germline-encoded antigen receptors produce persistent IgM and transient IgG memory B cells" currently in press with Immunity. Data is antigen-specific immunoglobulin heavy chain sequences from Balb/c, C.B-17, and B6 mice specific to the protein phycoerytherin. Sequences are from a variety of stages before (naive) and after immunization (memory). FASTA files have been trimmed to remove primers utilized during amplification, beginning at nucleotide 24 of the IgH variable region through the beginning of the IgH constant region. Sequences were generated by reverse transcription, amplified using variable region msVHE degenerative oligo with constant region oligos, and sanger sequenced.



B Cell Receptor Heavy Chain