Dataset on the knowledge of malaria, malaria diagnosis and malaria prevention

Published: 6 December 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/bbgzwxg9t2.2
Emmanuel Akpan, Akanimo Essiet, Cecilia Udo, Emmanuel Julius, Hilary Akpan


The study looked at the knowledge towards malaria, knowledge towards malaria diagnosis and knowledge towards prevention linking the awareness of low levels of malaria transmission in the cause of achieving malaria elimination. A cross-sectional design was employed in which the staff of Federal School of Medical Laboratory Technology, Jos were considered for data collection. A total of 100 participants were recruited which consist of 58 males and 42 females with age ranging from 18years to > 45 years. A structured questionnaire which was randomly administered to the participants was divided into four sections. Section A contains information on socio-demographic characteristics of the participants. Section B covers the knowledge towards malaria. Section C focuses on the knowledge towards malaria diagnosis while Section takes care of knowledge towards malaria prevention. It is evident in the data that there are little and incomplete knowledge about malaria vaccines, low levels of malaria challenges and adequacy of known malaria diagnostic test tools.



Epidemiology, Public Health, Malaria, Biostatistics