Regional Data on the Electricity Consumption in Japan: 1990-2015

Published: 22 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bc3p4phpy5.1
Akihiro Otsuka


The data recorded in this repository relate to electricity consumption in the region of Japan (for the period 1990-2015). This dataset can be used to analyze the impact of electricity price changes on electricity demand by region in the residential and industrial sectors. It can be classified into three categories: (i) regional sectoral electricity consumption data, (ii) regional sectoral electricity consumption intensity data, and (iii) regional sectoral electricity price data. Each data set is obtained directly on an annual basis, but all data are aggregated by region.


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Data source location: Electric Utility Handbook (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Economic Census (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Basic Resident Registers (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Consumer Price Index (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications), Corporate Goods Price Index (Bank of Japan).


Yokohama Shiritsu Daigaku


Energy Economics


Japan Society for the Promotion of Science