RGBD DHaRIo: Dataset for Humans in Robotized Industrial Environments

Published: 3 September 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/bc6bmxdrk5.3
Mauricio Arias Correa,


The RGBD DHaRIo dataset was acquired with a Kinect V1 sensor, which contains images in Robotized Industrial Environments with Humans handling objects. There are scenes with one human, two and up to four humans, all of them with and without occlusions. These occlusions were obtained by using a belt conveyor, industrial robot, other objects and other humans. In this dataset RGB images and its depth equivalent, will be found. If you use this dataset, in your publications it must be cited as: "Nieto, W., Arias-Correa, M., & Madrigal-González, C. (2020, May). Acquisition and evaluation of depth data from humans, in robotized industrial environments. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1547, No. 1, p. 012016). IOP Publishing." Some vide


Steps to reproduce

This RGBD DHaRIo dataset is presented here, distributed in 8 folders. The first four folders contain LABELLED DEPTH images files (2 in BMP format for 1 and 2 Humans per image, and the other 2 in JPG format for 3 and 4 Humans per image); in Robotized Industrial Environments. It happens the same way for the next 4 folders, which contain LABELLED images corresponding to the RGB DEPTH images in -also- BMP format and JPG format. All of the images were labelled both in *.txt and *.MAT formats. Warning: At using LABELS, all of the images must be in BMP format (any JPG format image, must be changed). LABELLED DEPTH IMAGES IN BMP AND JPG FORMAT: DEPTH1PER.rar : 562 Depth images for 1 human. BMP format (640X480 px). DEPTH2PER.rar : 1174 Depth images for 2 humans. BMP format (640X480 px). DEPTH3-4PER.rar : 3548 Depth images for 3 and 4 humans. JPG format (640X480 px). DEPTHNEGATIVAS.rar : 5260 Depth negative images. JPG format (640X480 px). LABELLED RGBD IMAGES IN BMP FORMAT: RGB1PER.rar : 562 RGBD images for 1 human. BMP format (640X480 px). RGB2PER.rar : 1174 RGBD images for 2 humans. BMP format (640X480 px). RGB3-4PER.rar : 3548 RGBD images for 3 and 4 humans. JPG format (640X480 px). RGBNEGATIVAS.rar : 5260 RGBD negative images. JPG format (640X480 px).


Depth Image Analysis, Image Databases