Data for: A ‘Fingerprint’ of locomotor maturation: motor development descriptors, reference development bands and data-set

Published: 3 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bcdm4k96rc.1
Maria Cristina Bisi, Rita Stagni, Paola Tamburini


Raw data collected by triaxial wearable inertial sensors (sampling frequency, 128 Hz). 14 complete strides for both NW and TW are included for each trial of each subject, together with the additional information for each participant: sex, age, height, weight. 3D acceleration and 3D angular velocity of trunk, right and left shanks are available (for each sensor position, the first three columns correspond to x, y and z acceleration component and the last three colums to x, y, and z angular velocity component, respectively). Inertial sensor positions and axis orientation are shown in the attached Figure.



Gait Analysis, Wearable Sensor