Spatial records of the endemic vascular plants from Brazil

Published: 19 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bcwxgx89gk.1
João Pompeu


Occurrences of plant species endemics from Brazil, according to the checklist of the Brazilian Flora 2020 Project (version 393.296), obtained from GBIF and SpeciesLink.


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The vascular plants endemic from Brazil were retrieved from the Brazilian Flora 2020 Project's checklist (version 393.296), obtained from, and analysed in R with the package “flora” (Carvalho, 2020). The species were first filtered by Kingdom (Plantae) and all non-vascular families were excluded from the database. From the 146,878 taxa in the checklist, 21,347 are classified as endemic species of Brazil, which 19,851 are vascular plants. The names were processed to automatically solve synonym and correct spelling of the taxa names (Carvalho, 2020) and the occurrence records were downloaded from GBIF and SpeciesLink with the R packages “dismo” (Hijmas et al. 2011) and “plantR” (Lima et al. 2021). The database was then cleaned to remove duplicates, occurrences outside Brazil and invalid coordinates. The R file is provided along with the shapefile of plant occurrences.


Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais


Geographic Information Systems, Biodiversity, Conservation Biology, Conservation of Biodiversity, Native Plant