A data set regarding the application of artificial intelligence technology in gastroenterology

Published: 7 September 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/bd25tf499w.3
Yao-Ying Xie


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in the field of medicine. Therefore, it can potentially be used for the inspection and diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. Herein, we summarized past research on AI and reviewed the challenges faced and future development opportunities associated with the application of AI in gastrointestinal diseases.Therefore, we here collected 17,758 data on AI techniques to identify and diagnose 13 common digestive disorders.


Steps to reproduce

We analyzed the accuracy of 17,758 AI to identify and diagnose common digestive diseases using SPSS19.0 system and obtained the AUC of gastric cancer (GC) and peptic ulcer (AU) by arithmetic. However, due to the not availability of some data, more realistic data are still needed to support the application of AI technology in clinical practice.


Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, Soochow University


Natural Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Computer-Aided Diagnosis