Geology and metamorphic conditions of the Luswishi Dome, Copperbelt, Zambia

Published: 12 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bdtfd4ksrr.1


The Luswishi Dome is part of the Dome's region of the Lufilian Copperbelt straddling northern Zambia and southern Democratic republic of Congo. The Dome's region comprises of reworked Paleo-to Mesoproterozic granitic basement rocks uncomformably overlain by the Neoproterozoic-to Paleozoic Katanga Supergroup which hosts sulfide ores. Current exploration models include regional associations with basement domes, which are invoked as the sources for the sulfides. While the geology and metamorphic conditions of the other domes is well understood, the Luswishi Dome remains poorly understood. These datasets include geographical coordinates of drill holes; lithological logs consisting of summary descriptions of lithologies observed in drill core; whole rock data of selected samples obtained by fusion XRF; and mineral chemistry data of selected samples obtained by EPMA microprobe. The data provides an improved understanding of the geology of the Luswishi Dome and enables determination of metamorphic conditions and pseudosection modelling of the area for the first time.


Steps to reproduce

Pseudosections can be reproduced using Perple_X software. Relevant documentations and tutorials are available on the developer's website


Hokkaido Daigaku, University of Zambia Department of Geology


Geochemistry, African Geology, Mineral Chemistry