vickers hardness_6061 al_Ti64_CpTi

Published: 17 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bdtfzjtpk2.1
Trevor Bond


This dataset includes vickers hardness values at different loads for 6061-T6 aluminum, commercially pure titanium, and Ti-6Al-4V. Data was used to study micro-scale indentation size effect in those alloys. Samples were sectioned with a water-cooled SiC blade, ground with water cooling, and polished to a final finish with for the colloidal silica 6061 Al and commercially pure titanium and 0.05 µm AlO2 for the Ti-6Al-4V. 6061-T6 aluminum samples were tested both as solid plate and mounted in a phenolic based hot mount epoxy. A Clark CM-400AT microhardness tester with a diamond tip in the Vickers geometry was used with loads from 98 mN (10gf) to 9806 mN (1000gf). Indent diagonal lengths were manually measured using the microscope in the indenter. The tip was imaged with an SEM to check for cleanliness and trueness to the assumed ideal Vickers geometry. The tip radius was measured to be 800 nm using SEM images and an arc overlay tangent to the edges of the tip. A dwell time of 10s at each load was used in accordance with ASTM E2546–15.



Indentation Hardness Testing