Data: Tactile perception mapping in children and adolescents of early and late blinds in comparison to sighted controls: Task based BOLD and connectivity study

Published: 4 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bf22vhnydw.1
S Senthil Kumaran,


Structural and functional MR imaging were carried out in a 3T MR scanner (Achieva 3.0T TX, M/s. Philips Medical Systems, The Netherlands) with a 32 channel head coil. The blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) imaging for tactile perception task was carried out by using echo planar imaging (EPI) with TR/TE = 2000/ 30 ms, flip angle = 90°, no of slices=29, slice thickness = 4.5 mm, slice gap: 0 mm and number of dynamics were 160. Sagittal isotropic (1 mm) 3D T1-weighted imaging was acquired using fast Fourier echo (FFE) with inversion time (TI):1100 ms, TR: 1900 ms, TE: 3.37 ms and no of slices=180.



All India Institute of Medical Sciences