Snow surface time-lapse SfM photogrammetry DEMs data

Published: 22 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/bf6nzwwfdb.1
Liu Junfeng


The following DEMs data were derived from time-lapse SfM photogrammetry. The DEMs data were collected next to the August-one ice cap in Qilian Mountains of China. The data were spans from 24 August 2019 to 7 September 2020. The name of each Tif data include month_day_photograph time. For example, Canon_8_24_1.tif means photographed on 24 August at morning of around 8:00. Canon_8_24_2.tif means photographed on 24 August at around 11:00.


Steps to reproduce

Time-lapse photography was applied to capture 7 pictures of the snow surface at seven different positions. The DEMs were generated based on 7 pictures through Agisoft. This is the row DEMs data. Some days DEMs were not included here since overexposure or alignment failure. Because snow surface changed slightly (based on the photos and snow stake gauge in front of the camera), in this case, we only provide 1 frame or less than 4 frames DEMs