network_tests2 benchmark results from Lomonosov, Lomonosov-2, K60, Juropa supercomputers

Published: 8 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/bffc8w295s.2
Artur Begaev, Alexey Salnikov


This dataset contains information about interconnect delays of different supercomputers during data transmissions using different commutation patterns. All measurements are structured by folders. Each folder contains several files, their contains can be interpreted as follows: description.txt - text file, containing information about collected measures: name of supercomputer, date of testing, number of tested nodes, number of tested process, network_tests2 test mode and parameters for launch such as begin message length in bytes, end message length in bytes, change of message length in bytes after all iterations passed, number of iterations of testing on one message length. network_hosts.txt - text file, containing names of hosts, which were used for launch. Another files are information about delays represented as different statistics: median, standard deviation, min and mean. All data is stored in NetCDF4 format. In our dataset these files contain following variables: "data" - 3-dimensional array with information about delays between different MPI-processes, first axis represent message length, second - number of "sender" process, third - number of "receiver" process; "num_proc" - number of tested processes; "beg_mes_len" - begin message length in bytes; "end_mes_len" - end message length in bytes; "step_length" - change of message length in bytes after all iterations passed.



Interconnection Network, High Performance Computing, Supercomputer